METHWEST is a story based on the life of Brent Snodgrass, an all American boy who breaks football records in high school, is admired by his friends and women alike, and is always in search of a good time. Brent has a giant heart and would do anything for those that he cares about. Brent discovers methamphetamine in his early twenties and his life will never be the same.

The year is 1982. Snodgrass, a carpenter, is your average midwestern rambler: He digs going to the car races, getting drunk at barn party or rounding up the team and hitting a stadium rock show. While raging one weekend, he is introduced to meth by a friend and begins using regularly.   

Over the span of the next 10 years, Brent transforms from a family man to a drug runner for a motorcycle gang and finally to a meth cook. His life is by no means a sad, tragic story, however: Brent’s uncanny sense of humor and zest for life shuns the darkness that comes along with drug culture for many years.  His story is one about living in the moment and being present; it’s about feeling good about making bad decisions; its about feeling pain and dealing with that pain.

 While struggling with his addiction he must find a way to accept his brothers death and win over his first love, CC.  Brent is an endearing person who tells funny stories, sings songs and talks about his ultimate drug trip throughout the story.




“Chores on the Farm”
“Ms. Carrie”
“Udell and the Hippies”
“Dude Floyd Oklahoma”
“Dishes was the Deep Thang”
“First Wives Club”
“The Rush”
“Thoughts on Meth”
“Bangin the Hurt”